Top 8 Symptoms Of Week 3 Pregnancy

Many women are yet unaware about their pregnancy during the third week. Especially women with irregular menstrual cycles are not able to identify whether they are pregnant or not. But there are severa…

The Dos And Donts Of Water Birth

The process of giving birth in a tub of warm water is called water birth. While some women wish to have their time of labor in the tub of water and get out of it before delivery, others wish for the c…

6 Risky Activities To Avoid In Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very delicate and complicated stage of a woman’s life. It is very important to understand the do’s and do not’s of this period very seriously. Some activities may harm the baby of unkno…

Top 5 Care Tips After Vaginal Delivery

Child birth brings along oodles of joy and pleasure. It is a kind of ‘spiritual healing’ where you have a new life to care of and provide for. However, post-delivery comes with its own set of healthca…

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