10 Important Nutrients For New Born Baby

When a woman becomes a mother then it is very sensitive as taking care of all the needs of a new born is a herculean task. One needs to be very careful with the new born baby and especially with their…

Baby’s Diet After One Year

After one year child should be given a variety of foods. Give your child seasonal fruits and vegetables. Your toddler needs 1,000 calories per day. Ensure that you provide your child all vital nutrien…

5 Superfoods For Babies 1-2 Years Old

After 6 months of age, children are slowly given solid foods. Whether you are exclusively breastfeeding or including formula in your child’s diet, slow and steady introduction to different types of so…

10 Superfoods For Babies

Superfoods are natural foods that are power packed with nutrition, antioxidant and fiber, a top requirement for growing babies. Little children are often fussy about eating and small appetites allow t…

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